1. He Could Have

From the recording This Old World

Lyrics are included


He Could have

You know He could have
lived -In a palace
He could have
Been -crowned king of kings
And He could have
Ruled -us with Malice
Yeah he could have
Destroyed -his enemies

But instead , get this
The lord Jesus
Who created all
He had no home
He could call his own
He Was born in a stall
He didn’t come
To force anyone
He can help when we fall
Crucified on a hill
He did His Father’s will
Can’t you hear his call

You know he could have -had great wealth
He could have -lived selfishly
And he could have - kept perfect health
Yeah, He could have- lived life pain free

But instead get this
The lord Jesus
Had not a cent to his name
He taught the meek
To turn the other cheek
He sought no glory or fame
He healed the blind
To the sinner was kind
Can forgive our shame
For us he was killed
His work was fulfilled
For this purpose he came

But he could have
Not -paid my ransom
He could have
Not -heard my prayer
And he could have
Left me lost and abandoned
Yeah he could have
Just left me there

But instead get this
The Lord Jesus
Came to rescue me
Because of him
I’ll live again
From sin and death I’ll be free
He has lightened my load
His mercy bestowed
He has heard my plea
May I sing His praise
All of my days
Then come and live with Thee

For. eternity